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Craft Links with the Ultimate Design Templates

Craft Links with the Ultimate Design Templates

Craft Links with the Ultimate Design Templates

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you certainly know how it helps you quickly connect with a wider audience network following your niche. That said, we all are well aware of the little space that Instagram provides, Instagram bio, and how effectively it helps you drive your audience to a whole new world speaking exclusively about your business.

Though keeping the Instagram bio up-to-date and relevant is significant. But in this fast pacing world, you can spend time every day putting up individual links.

So, in this post, we will introduce you to one of the best bio link generator tools with which you can keep the same link in bio throughout while being able to redirect your visitors to a landing page where they can access all the necessary contents using the best design templates.

To get started with this, you can use Mylinkie, a “Link in bio” solution, to create a unique URL that redirects to a custom landing page for your Instagram bio. So, when you insert this link in your bio, you can dynamically feature all your significant links in one place effortlessly.

How To Build An Instagram Bio Link Landing Page With Mylinkie?

Creating a personalized landing page is pretty uncomplicated. It merely takes a few steps to build the best page that speaks about your brand and touches all the key elements in one place.

To enter into the dashboard, enter the precise Email Id and password. Once you are through with signing in, you get to see the 03 distinct categories of links that you can use: Lite Link, Profile, and Mini Site.

How does it work? So, when you pick out your type from the list, you get to see a dashboard where you can customize every bit to make the page look completely about your brand. You get to select a theme. And moving on, you can alter the background image of the page from the list.

By default, the page will be showing your Instagram profile picture, which can be changed along with the brand logo. After then, to make the page look more attractive, you can choose a perfect color scheme for the buttons and the borders.

Then comes the interesting part of creating a custom landing page. The tool lets you add multiple links to your social media profiles, YouTube channels, contests, giveaways, Instagram stories, hashtags, and more. Here, you can insert all the relevant links that you wish your visitors to check out and drive more traffic and sales to your official website.

That said, we have some exciting news for you! With all these extraordinary features of creating a personalized landing page for your Instagram bio, Mylinkie is available in the form of both website and mobile application.

So Let’s Get Started

For every business owner, it is challenging to keep altering the Instagram bio link every time to drive more user engagement and traffic. But once you get your hands on Mylinkie, you do not need to worry about which link to insert. Share multiple links in one place and make the best landing page for your visitors and ensure conversion.

Mylinkie enables all Instagram marketers to interact and share information about their brand in the most creative ways possible with little effort. Just add significant links to multiple landing pages into Mylinkie’s dashboard with the beautiful design templates to provide an aesthetic vibe throughout the journey.

Having any query related to getting started with Mylinkie today? Please feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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