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How To Put A Link In Instagram Bio?

How To Put A Link In Instagram Bio?

“Check out the link in bio”- If you are an Instagram junkie, diving deep into various business accounts, you must have become pretty familiar with these terms. And if you haven’t already, you must because this particular link in an Instagram bio can positively change the way users look at an Instagram business profile.

Let me tell you how.

Instagram bio is a small room that speaks about the objectives of your brand. But breaking it down, you merely get 150 characters to sum up the entire content.

Pretty challenging, isn’t it? Yes, but the good news is you have landed just at the right place as we have got you covered with this.

Let’s get started right away.

What Is The Need To Insert A Link In Instagram Bio?

If you have an Instagram business account, the motive behind it is to promote your business on the social media platform, drive more sales and traffic to your website. But you cannot insert any clickable link to your Instagram captions, which brings you back to add a link in your Instagram bio- just one.

The link you insert must redirect the users to an external landing page acquiring all the resources to convert visitors into potential business leads.

Use Mylinkie “Link in bio” Solution For Your Instagram Bio

A “Link in bio” tool like Mylinkie lets the users add numerous contents and pages through a single URL that incorporates everything, which you wish to outstretch to your target audience.

Let me put forward a situation in front of which to imagine.

It goes like your brand is looking forward to launching a new product and wishes to promote an event. But, on the other hand, you want to redirect your followers to your website to interact with the other goods and services already available. Also, you want them to have a look at your blogs to know more about your brand while subscribing to your newsletters to receive all the latest updates about a sale.

All of these go hand in hand in marketing, but it becomes considerably frustrating when you cannot insert all of the links in your Instagram bio. Now that’s where a “Link in bio” solution like Mylinkie comes into play.

Mylinkie lets you create a unique URL with multiple redirections. Hence, you no longer need to keep updating the link in the bio to promote specific events.

With Mylinkie, you can showcase all your business-related content at a single place with a custom landing page, allowing you to maintain your marketing flexibility on point.

With the Mylinkie tool, you can customize your landing page by redirecting your users to your official website, adding a section to speak about your upcoming launch, creating a dedicated space that takes users to your multiple social media profiles.

Not just that, you can also ask your visitors to check out your YouTube channel to closely interact with your products and nevertheless provide them links to participate in a giveaway or contest.

Intending To Create An Impressive Instagram Bio?

Your Instagram bio is the best place to develop interest within your target audience for your brand when you wish to stand one step ahead of your competitors by creating a unique URL with Mylinkie, which plays a significant role.

The entire purpose behind inserting a link in Instagram bio is to drive more sales and audience engagement. But why compromise with redirecting your visitors just to your official website when you can become way too creative with a little effort with a “Link in bio” solution like Mylinkie.

Remember, the more you put effort into building a perfect custom landing page for the users, the best results you yield.

So, this brings us to an end to our article about putting a link in the Instagram bio. Is there something that we missed out on? If yes, then please let us know about the same in the comments below. Your efforts will be highly appreciated!

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