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Content Ideas for Instagram Business

Content Ideas for Instagram Business

Instagram is a platform for pictures. From aesthetics to appropriately pious and from asymmetrical to realistic and super clear, Instagram becomes a perfectly compatible social networking site for sharing photos. But have you ever thought of Instagram beyond pictures?

Instagram has much more than simply sharing a picture describing a little sneak peek of your day. It acquires some super exciting features that come in handy while advertising, promoting events, launching giveaways, and running contests to build a healthy relationship with the users.

So, if you do not already see Instagram beyond sharing pictures, it’s high time you get these business ideas to enhance your brand presence, grow your audience network and have a rise in your return on investment.

Moving Beyond Just The Visuals: Super Fun Instagram Business Ideas

As Instagram is a picture-sharing platform, all the ideas below will contain uploading photos, but it’s not about that only! We will dive deeper into the site to check out a few ways to make the most out of Instagram and far beyond posting pictures.

Share Shoppable Content

Instagram posts with price tags! Yes, this is what we are talking about. This Instagram feature has been in trend lately. And the Instagrammers seem to be drooling over it already. The features let you straightaway showcase the price of any product in a picture skipping all the anxiety of running around and wondering how to initiate a purchase.

Launch Your New Products

What can be a better platform to show off your new product than Instagram. But do not just limit yourself to sharing a picture. Take a step ahead and craft an eye-catching caption ending with a “Link in bio” tag.

Oh! Did we just land at the same place wherein you wish to share numerous links but end up providing only one? Then, why not make the best use of your Instagram bio by inserting a custom link redirecting the user to a world beautifully designed to speak about your brand appropriately.

Mylinkie is a bio link generator that acquires all the extraordinary features to build a landing page that incorporates all the key elements of a brand. It helps you customize and create a business portfolio, including the top links, blogs, contest/giveaways, product launches, official website URL, story links, and more.

The “Link in bio” solution comes up with 03 distinct variants of generating custom links (Lite Link, Profile, Mini Site) which gets advanced with every step ahead. From changing themes to the background, brand logos color, and more, you can design the landing page the way you want to drive more user engagement, traffic, and sales.

Make Use Of Video Contents

Videos speak more than pictures. Through video content, you can beautifully describe what you wish to share with your audience. Such as the working of a product within a short clip. And it is way better than posting an image. The visual contents create more engagement and traffic, ensuring more conversion from visitors to followers and followers to potential customers.

Bringing It All Together

Instagram is a social media giant that you cannot afford to miss out on for your business. Also, when we think of Instagram, it takes us back to a picture-sharing platform, but it acquires a lot more than it.

All these features help you build great content which would make your audience explore more about your brand. And that’s where Mylinkie’s unique URL will come into play, showing your visitors a custom-made landing page speaking about every bit of your business.

We hope the article helped you know more about Instagram business content ideas. Is there something that you would like to incorporate? Please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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