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Significance of Audio and Video Streaming In Your Profile

Significance of Audio and Video Streaming In Your Profile

Visual contents! Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are more inclined towards sharing visual posts on the site. And it is undeniable because they manage to gather the hype all around. Pictures, videos, and infographics attract users to stop and stare at them and are way more efficient than texts. Audio and video contents receive more likes, comments, and shares on multiple social media platforms, making it the best source to generate leads.

Statistics And Facts About Audio And Video Contents

  • Audiences engage more with visual contents as it takes merely fractions of seconds to understand them, while it can take longer to go through an entire text to receive the comprehensive idea.
  • It is more uncomplicated for people to remember a picture or video than the info they read in an article
  • If your site contains a combination of beautifully colored pictures and provides that aesthetic vibe, the conversion and click-through rates can go surprisingly high.
  • Using an infographic in place of an article can help you acquire more engagement and share on any digital platform.
  • Texts with pictures, videos, or relevant GIFs are more likely to acquire all the user’s attention.
  • Twitter being an informative platform, also believes that tweets with pictures or video content receive more retweets and clicks
  • Facebook has seen a rise in user engagement on posts with audio and video content rather than simple texts.
  • LinkedIn posts having pictures gain more comments
  • Video content generates a considerable conversion rate than any other.
  • In 2021, social media users are more inclined towards video and audio content, and hence they receive all the engagement and traffic.

Visual Content Marketing Is On The Rise

As audio and video posts are becoming extremely popular on digital platforms, it is necessary to prioritize visual contents in your upcoming social media marketing strategy. Always watch out for adding a picture showing multiple emotions, a perfectly framed infographic, a hilarious meme/GIF, or a tutorial or working video of your products in your feeds.

Also, if you share an article or a blog on social media while linking to your post, make sure you showcase your feature image, or if the blog contains multiple pictures and videos, add them too. Hence, by maintaining a variation in the visual contents you add, you can acquire more users to check your blog posts, as well.

Apart from this, there is another beautiful and uncomplicated way to ask your followers to walk through your blogs, multiple social media profiles, favorite list, top-performing products, promotional events, giveaways, and more. And that is by adding a custom URL on the top or bio.

Mylinkie is a bio link generator tool that can help create a personalized landing page with all the above features. Not just that, it acquires some more extensive traits, such as adding a background image, selecting a perfect theme, playing with various color schemes, and providing a more superior look for your brand.

Final Words

The popularity of audio and video content is on the rise, yet if your brand believes in sharing blogs, you can do the same by designing the most appealing feature image and linking your posts to them. Hence, in this way, you can grab the user’s attention towards both your visual and readable posts on digital platforms.

We hope the article was informative. Is there something you would like to add more about visual content on social media? If yes, please feel free to put them in the comments below!

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