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How To Add A Link In TikTok Bio (Must-Do for your Brand)

How To Add A Link In TikTok Bio (Must-Do for your Brand)

Inserting a link in the TikTok bio is a significant opportunity for all the brands and content creators out there to drive more traffic and sales to their website.

While previously, TikTok did not allow everyone to add a link to their bio, it certainly has come up with a new update enabling every business account to make the best use of their bio section on the app.

So, we will be sharing some insights to add a link in the TikTok bio and how to make the most out of it to receive more conversions.

Steps to Add a Link to Your TikTok Bio

Similarly like the social media giant Instagram, TikTok also enables its users to add a clickable link to their bio.

And it is pretty uncomplicated- Just switch to a business profile and get started with the following steps.

Step-1: To switch to a TikTok business profile, visit your profile setting, tap on “Manage Account,” and click on “Switch to Business Account.”

Step-2: Click on “Edit profile” and insert a link in the website field. And now you have successfully added a clickable link to your TikTok bio.

Optimize TikTok Bio To Drive More User Engagement And Traffic

The TikTok link in bio can be of excellent help to brands on the platform to leverage their business. But adding only a single link with a defined landing page can hold you back.

So, here is where a “Link in bio” solution like Mylinkie comes into action.

How Does Mylinkie Work For TikTok Bio?

Mylinkie is a bio link generator tool that helps you create a unique URL with a personalized landing page. The tool comes up with 03 distinct categories: Lite Link, Profile, and Mini Site, from which you get to choose. Now, these variants hold on to some advanced features to help you build a custom landing page exclusively for your brand.

From sticking to your particular niche, moving on and changing your profile picture, brand logo, background image, color schemes to adding multiple social media links, YouTube channels, favorite links, Stories, relevant hashtags, and more, you can provide your page a completely fresh look.

Not just that, with Mylinkie, you can also keep a check on the analytics on the number of users visiting your landing page and clicking on other links to know more about your brand. And this helps you count on each of your visitors for conversion.

So there you go- now you have one of the best “Link in bio” tools to add a perfect custom URL redirecting your visitors to a beautifully designed landing page of your brand.

Ready to drive more user engagement, traffic, and sales through TikTok bio? Get started with Mylinkie today and provide your target audience a new way to know more about your business.

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