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The Up-To-The-Minute Social Media Trends To Look Out For

The Up-To-The-Minute Social Media Trends To Look Out For

Instagram is a marketing giant. Yes, with more than 50% of Instagram users following a business profile and acquiring about 01 billion monthly active users, the platform in itself is the best place to promote products and services of any business following any niche.
Numerous small, medium scale, and even large companies have their business profiles on Instagram as a part of their primary source of conversion and sales. Hence, there is a lot of competition already, and being relevant to what’s trending is the key.
Adding random hashtags to Instagram captions was cool back in 2012, but now it doesn’t genuinely work. So, here we put in the top Instagram trends that you must watch out for in 2021.

Instagram Shops

Before, when a business page shared the picture of a newly launched or top-performing product, they only ended up tagging them. But it has completely changed, and Instagram has provided a new look to selling products on the platform itself. The users can put the price on the product for the audience to initiate a purchase right away.

Instagram Live Sessions

Live streaming is the best way to interact with the audience directly on the platform, and it has been growing lately. Hence, Instagram decided to uplift its live streaming duration from 01 hours to 04 hours. Also, it will add an archiving feature to make sure the audiences do not miss out on anything important.

Instagram Stories Feature

Instagram stories have always managed to gather all the hype since its launch. It is the best place to put in something more authentic in front of your audience, far from filters and harsh edits. Also, you can share a little sneak peek of your day just to make sure to manage to maintain that curiosity within your followers to see what’s brewing inside.
Also, the CTA buttons like “Swipe up” or “Learn more” are constantly helping users to make their audiences enter into a better landing page.

Instagram Bio

The bio section has always been on the top of the business profile user’s favorites list. The Instagram bio provides a small space with limited characters yet is the most influential place to insert all the necessary details. And the most defined way to make the best use of bio is to add a custom URL redirecting to a personalized landing page.

It is 2021, and we do have tools for everything for real, and the same goes for generating a link for Instagram bio. While picking out the best from the lot, we came across one of the most prominent bio link generator tools, Mylinkie.

Mylinkie is a “Link in bio” solution offering 03 different categories to personalize your landing page and create one of your own which speaks about your brand deliberately. While having a professional Instagram business page, you can beautifully design your custom landing page by choosing from various themes, color schemes, changing brand logo, background image, profile picture, and more to give it a fresh look.

With Mylinkie, you can link all your other social media profiles including, YouTube channels, favorite links, Instagram stories, upcoming events, contests, giveaways, literally everything to make it a complete package.

Mylinkie lets you utilize all the Instagram features perfectly and put them in one place to ensure your visitors walk through them all and look forward to purchasing from your brand.

Instagram Reels

Reels are trending on Instagram lately, but we have always seen the place for an entertainment purpose. But it is not about that only. Instagram reels have much more to them. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can use reels to promote your brand by using a creative approach. Also, adding a “Link in bio” caption would make your visitors head towards your profile and interact with your brand.

Closing Lines

Marketing is a never-ending struggle, and, indeed, what works for one brand might not be a good shot for others, but with Instagram, you can never go wrong. With Instagram working on new features every day, it provides room for every marketer to go all out with their creativity and make the best use of the platform.

So, summing it up, this is the list of top trends helping marketers grow their brand recognition on Instagram. Are there any other features that have helped you stand ahead of your competitors on Instagram? Please share the insights for our readers in the comments below!

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