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Links That Attract User Attention

Links That Attract User Attention

Hey! Are you wondering the best ways to share links on Instagram to attract more users? Be with us throughout the article to find the most efficient ways to share links in your Instagram profile.

Create An Attractive Custom URL For Instagram Bio

The first and the best place to insert a clickable link for a personal or a business account is through the Instagram bio. You must consider this as your go-to link. Unlike the particular links that get routed for a specific audience, the Instagram bio link happens for everyone who apparently lands on your Instagram profile.

Well, in this case, opinions vary. Some businesses like to put up their official website link in the bio, and others frequently keep changing the links. Like how unlikely it would be if your visitors found appealing content months back or read a blog related to your brand, came down to your Instagram bio, and found a completely different link? You might lose a lead there itself, and we do not want that.

Instead, we recommend you to go for a “Link in bio” solution like Mylinkie, which helps you put multiple links in one place by creating a custom landing page and a unique URL exclusively describing your business.

With Mylinkie, you do not need to redirect the users to a single website. You can take them to a landing page that has various clickable links indicating multiple social media profiles, giveaway or contest links, Instagram Stories, hashtags, and a lot more.

The tool lets you choose an appropriate theme and play with vibrant colors to make the landing page more appealing. Besides that, you can add a funky background, change your profile picture, insert your brand logo and make it completely personalized.

Incline More Towards A Short Link

When you use a short link, it becomes pretty uncomplicated for users to copy them or maybe remember it at once. Your links do all the magic. As a lengthy link might look a little clumsy in the Instagram bio or the Instagram post captions, it is better to use a shorter one.

Do Not Forget To Add A Shoppable Link

The era of redirecting users to the official website is long gone, where visitors had to land on your site and go searching for the product. Now that Instagram enables you to add a shoppable link, it is a big yeah! It just makes things more transparent and helps in having higher conversions.

So, up next, when you upload a product picture, make sure to add a beautiful description and a shopping tag for your potential customers to initiate a purchase.

Let’s Get Started With Sharing Links On Instagram

Instagram is an amazingly compelling social media platform with an increasing audience. But it keeps evolving constantly.

One of the most prominent challenges that business owners face is sharing links that attract users on Instagram. New techniques are being experimented with, updated, and knocked out all the time. But we believe taking the audience to a completely personalized landing page with a custom link with Mylinkie carrying every bit of information regarding your brand will never go out of style.

Did the article help you spot the best places to insert links to attract more Instagram users every day? If yes, please frame your voices in words and comment below. We would love to hear more from you!

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