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The Majestic Brand Stories That Makes You Reach Heights

The Majestic Brand Stories That Makes You Reach Heights

Instagram- started off as a social media platform back in 2010 but is stepping in into 2021 with a more compelling approach for being a home to about 01 billion monthly active users and helping endless brands for networking with their audience online.

Today about 130 million active Instagram users click on the custom URLs or shoppable posts to initiate a purchase, making Instagram the best place for brands to promote their products.

With more brands joining hands with Instagram every day, multiple successful brand stories can make you reach the pinnacle of success. So, let’s get started with the best Instagram business accounts that can truly inspire you in 2021.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most successful heritage brands that leverage its business on Instagram and has acquired 12.3M active Instagram users to participate with its modern marketing approaches. The brand revolves all around its consistency and powerful brand impression yet providing more space for experimenting with creativity through Instagram.

As a result, the audiences obtain a deeper understanding of the brand through their storytelling and improved visuals in posts, stories, Instagram bio, and more. And this has made Tiffany & Co. receive about 11 times more audience engagement than any other jewelry and watch brand.


GoPro’s Instagram page is as unique and as creative as its products. The entire profile is full of pictures and video content that the customers capture using the GoPro camera. So, this is one of the finest approaches, as their audience gets inspired by looking at their Instagram grid.

GoPro has extended sharing content from the customers in about 10 regional markets, and surprisingly this let them hit a milestone of 18M followers on Instagram at ease.


Beardbrand is a brand selling top-quality grooming products for men. So, this brand views Instagram as a platform to cut off on all the taboos and change people’s vision of looking at beardsmen. Beardbrand is completely niche-oriented and focuses on attracting urban men with beards to get associated with the brand.

Previously the brand shared newsletters to their email subscribers, which have now evolved into sharing unique and appealing content on Instagram through posts, stories, and hashtags to create audience engagement.

So, How Does This Help?

After coming across the brand stories of all the 03 businesses successfully managing to acquire millions of active followers on the platform, we can recognize that they make the best use of the Instagram features to attract users to their page. But it’s always isn’t possible to deliver every bit about your brand in that small space. So, what’s next?

Moving forward, Instagram shares a small room as an Instagram bio, and it can help you reach out to more users from around the globe every day. How?

Instagram bio enables users to add a unique URL to it, redirecting the audience to exactly where the users want. And to make the best use of this, you will require a bio link generator like Mylinkie.

Mylinkie is a “Link in bio” solution that helps the users generate a custom URL for their Instagram bio connecting to a completely personalized landing page. The Instagram user can provide an exclusively different and new look to the page by adding a profile picture, background image, brand logo, themes, colors, descriptions, and much more.

They can also go for linking their multiple social media profiles, YouTube channels, Instagram stories with actionable content, contests, giveaways, and promotional events in one place. Thus by making it a one-stop destination for visitors to gain a broad knowledge about the brand.

So, this brings us towards the end of this article regarding the most successful Instagram brand stories that can help you stand one step ahead of your competitors in the run. We hope these top brands of various niches help you discover new creative ways to build your network on the platform.

Is there any other Instagram business having a successful story that our readers must know? If yes, please put them in the comments below!

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